Wayang Kulit Scenario

Wayang kulit was the most famous culture of shadow play in Indonesia. Especially from Central Java. Wayang kulit was played at night and collaborate with gamelan the traditional music of Java. Wayang kulit was played by dalang, the man who expert on shadow puppet show.

The beautiful of wayang showed with the story that representing a life of mankind. The story was taken from an ancient tale from India, such as Mahabharata or Ramayana and gave the name of puppet character with Indonesian. Until now the wayang kulit story is very interesting to see with. Although I have seen those performance again and again, but it’s an excitement for me to see it one more time.

Just like a favourite movie. With an interesting scenario’s, wayang kulit pushed me to see a human life from another perspective. This is one of the biggest reason for me to see wayang kulit performance. Yes, a beautiful scenario could make their audiences come to visit the exhibition again and again. And I’ll think this would be the same if we did this to our presentation.

As you know, many of international presenters give a very interesting performance for their presentation. This make us come to see their seminar or workshop to take an inspiration or a new way to see life from another perspective. And their secrets to give a very beautiful presentation is same as wayang kulit, and that is a scenario.

With a perfect scenario, a presenter could make a stunning opening, structural content, amazing media and also a presentation closing that stick. Just like an actor following the movie narration. This make the presentation flowing and didn’t fill with blank scenes.

But just like a dalang that need to practice more and more to get a perfect performance on wayang kulit show, the presenters also need to rehearse their capability to presents. A presenter with scenario need to be trained more and more. It often longer than the duration of presentation. But if the presenter did it right, the presentation would got a rumble applause from tha audiens. And just like a wayang kulit show, that I visit more than one time, a perfect scenario with a beautiful performance wouldn’t be missed by the audiences.

So, make your own presentation scenario and rehearse it again and again.

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