The Serif Character

Inside journalistic, there was a writing discipline that called typography. Typography is a science that learned font’s type and characters, mainly the block letters that used in a word processor software. This time, I will try to describe the Serif font typographic. I’ve taken the reference from Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen Design.

What is Serif? Serif font was the typing letter that usually used in a word processor software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, or a King Soft Writer. Serif has a special identity with a sharp stroke at the end of the font. This stroke lead the eye following one letter to another. Word by word. Paragraph to paragraph. The stroke has a rigid and strong feeling inside. The example of this kind a font is Times New Roman.

How was the Serif characters? Ina Saltz, the author of typography explain that Serif was suitable for used of education and business. It’s also can be used to describe something that elegant and classic. But it’s better not to use this font to a paragraph with many characters or an article with thousand words. Because Serif font was a hard read fonts.

That’s why we could optimize this font with no more than 20 words in a slide. As an example, one of Serif font called “Rockwell” was classy enough if it used in a title. Garamond is a classic example of Serif font. Baskerville looks simple but deep meaningly. So, if you want to use a serif font, remember to use it wisely. Not much but also not small enough.

Keep Practicing!

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