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Tired with old fasion of powerpoint presentation? Try my opinion, try to use sketch design. What is sketch design? In my book  Amazing Slide Presentation, i’ve already said that if we want to design powerpoint slides, the best part is making a storyboard. Storyboard is a sketch design of slides. In my opinion, this works would be interesting to be part of slides. 

It’s that ok? I’m sure we have vary answers. Ths was subjective. Depends to the quality of sketch and how we drawn an object with sketch. And we know that a sketch also influented with the quality of pen and scanner. But we could minimize sketching errors using electronic pen connected to the computers.

How about the result? I’ll give you examples of sketch design. This slide below, was inspired by Nancy Duarte’s sketch design. It’s so minimimalist:


Either drawing an object, such as humans, tools, animals, etc we could make  a photo frame from a sketch. Here an example:

For me the most interesting one, is if we combine sketch design slides, with a real object. I’m sure that your slide will be a center of interest, becaus it’s so different and inviting question, “How you design it?”.

Yes, a sketch design is an alternative for us to make outstanding slides. I hope this explanation and examples works for you.

See u soon.

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