Shapes Space

There are many ways to put fonts inside presentation slides with the high quality background. Some of them i’ve posted it in this blog. But this one was a classic methods, creating shapes space inside a slide presentation. This methods could used if we want to put text inside the slides, without reducing the beauty of images. 

In powerpoint, there are many kind of shapes. Triangle, circle, elips, stars to callouts and so on. Each shapes could give an inspiration creating shapes space. Although it’s simple, there are some rules we must pay attention if we want to create shapes space beautifully. Those are:

1. Specify the main part of the background or image, that you use to be a central object.

For example, in this image, you will use lamppost to be the main object, that still available inside the slide after creating shapes space. The shapes space result, you can see it below:

You can see that image above is a slide, with a square shapes space. The lamppost is still there. The square space is a new area that you can put the text.

2. You could use unnusual shapes to create an interesting slide. If we still use a square shape, change the elevation to create a new slide dimension. Images below is before and after shapes space slides:



3. If yous images has to many striking colors, you must put the shapes space exactly in the center of image. With this technique, audiences focus is directly forward to the messages.



For your consideration, shapes space that you create, is better to use analoque colors. This to make sure that your audiences feel comfortable with your after slide visualization.

I hope it’s useful for your presentation.

See you soon.

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