Presenting is not Easy

I’ve joined many trainings, seminar & workshop, some of speaker said that presenting was easy. For me, presenting is not easy. It will be easy if we only screaming without any purposes in front of audiences. It only need guts, and wall faces. But presenting need more than that. Presenting is a complex knowledge.

Why I said that presenting wasn’t easy? Jerry Seinfeld research in Book of Lists, from 1977 to 2003, proved that from 10 great human fear’s, the death stand on seventh places, and the first place was speaking in front of audiences. Yes, presenting is the greatest human fear of all time.

In my opinion, presenting is a complex knowledge. Need lots of variables. Right brain and left brain combining to create outstanding performance. in the other hand, presenting is art and science. Exmaple art of presentation is a process to communicate, persuade others, being humble and so on. Meanwhile The science of presentation is a step by step presentation technique. Starting from how to open a presentation, describing the content and how to close presentation dramatically.

If someone said presenting is easy, i’m sure that he or she have one of this possibilities. The first one, the man is a gifted person with a great voice, tone and vocal. Research proved 13% people in this world having a good vocal cords. A Radio presenter is a simple example of it. Crunchy to heard. The second possibilities, is the man has worked hard with all of potension to learn about presentation technique, from content, media and delivery. For me the second posibilities is a closer one.

I’m still remember, about 2 years ago I learned to drive a car. My hand and legs was to rigid to coorporate. Changing transmision, loosing pedal slowly, together with pushing the gas was often unsmooth, ended with engine shut. The car was stop. But, with a continuous learning, practice and practice, slow but surely I ddrive with smooth. Changing gear without doubt, and no more gas pounding. This was a process. And a process need a knowledge.

The same process will actually happended in a presentation learning. At the begining, perhaps we still found presenting difficulties. But if we follow the flow, had advices from our mentor, joined a communities supporting our passion, i’m sure our presentation keep moving forward.

So presenting is not easy. But it will be easier if we learn the process.

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