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We could say that makes a presentation theme was hard but also easy. What was that mean? You’ll see that many of great speaker giving an outstanding presentation, but we don’t know if the presentation themes were their original themes.

May of presenters conclude their presentation material from many sources such as seminars, trainings, articles or books. After that they compile it to become their presentation contents.  In the other hand, some of presenters get their presentation materials from copy paste another presenter performance. This was instant. But you’re already knows that all of an instant thing was not healthy.

So, how we could make an original theme for our presentation? Actually there wasn’t any presentation theme that 100% original. Compiling may resources was the most logic methods to makes a presentation theme. The original theme means that we use our own methods to make a presentation material. I’ll try to describe step by step to makes an original theme bellow:

  1. Try to make an alone time and think, what’s your passion theme.  Choose it, becoming the first, the best or be different. One of this could build your presentation was too important to miss it.
  2. We could get our own presentation material with create a work, such as books, cd’s, videos etc. We can say that Presentation Zen is Garr Reyolds’s presentation theme, because he’s the author of Presentation Zen. We can also said that Slide:ology or Resonate is Nancys Duarte’s presentation material. Because she’s wrote it. So, a work is a worth and visual things that we could bold our name on it. So, if you want to make an original theme, create a great work.
  3. Make a presentation content that improve audiences skill, not just an inspiration or motivation. Ok, inspiring audiences was important. But we also know that a successful life is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work. Audiences need more than just an inspiration. The needs is presentation material that explain “how to”. With this presentation content, audiences not only lift up their spirit, but increase their life qualities. Are you ready?
  4. Pick one of your presentation angle, it’s deeper or wider. Make your presentation rich of colors. With a deeper presentation, you will make the audiences satisfied. And with a wider presentation content, you’ll make audiences open their mind. Choose one, because it’s too difficult to make a presentation deeper and wider at the same time.

That’s all, my tips today about Original Theme, I hope this could help your to make an outstanding presentation.

Be a presentation expert.

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