No Bullet Points

The Amazing Slide Presentation must have speaks. With stunning images, influence fonts, and comfortable colours. Construct the text so it’s big enough to show and read well. If the text was big, surely the sentences in a slide isn’t to long.

Unfortunately most slide presentation present with the bullet points. What is bullet points? Bullet points are dots that available on the powerpoint templates to put words. It existence intended to help presenters or slide designers simplify the flow of presentation. But, now on, mostly presenters don’t try to use bullet points wisely. Most of us using bullet points, to be the tools for copying paragraph sentences to the presentation slide. “So I could remember.” We said. Whereas, depending on bullet point was not the right thing.

Why we must minimalize moreover eliminate the bullet points from slides?

The first, bullet points obstruct your slide design creativity. You will got patterned on powerpoint template. This made your slide didn’t have the power to move audiences.

Second, bullet point made your slides boring. Yes, you could imagine in one slide there were more than ten bullet points, with sentences in each of it. You’ll get tired, not concentrate, not enjoying the slides. Why? Because the slides is visual, and your visual not involved in.

Third, you couldn’t distinguish where the point that important ones, where is not. Because all the sentences were felt the same. There were no differentiation.

And fourth, I’m sure that the more bullet points you put in the slides, the more messages are missing. Perhaps you tried to simplify the messages, but the impact was contrarily.  Prove is, more bullet points, audiences would hard to remember one by one messages that you convey.

So, from now on, minimalize your presentation with bullet points, or no bullet points at all.

Keep practicing to be #PresentationExpert.

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