No Need to Nervous

Presentation Nervous. For everyone, being nervous before deliver a presentation is normal. Even though for a professional presenter such as Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Steve Jobs, or Anthony Robbins, defeating presentation nervous is a routine activity before their going to a stage. But why they don’t seem to nervous? You know that they have a lot of experience on the stage. This was an adding value to covering nervous around them.

Sure we want to know what are the keys defeating presentation nervous. I have comparing some references that explain about the tips to avoid nervous before presentation. The tips are:

  1. CAME EARLIER. For a presenter, time was everything. To keep the flow of your presentation remains consistent, come earlier to the presentation room. With came earlier, you could set the room and chairs following your presentation style. This also could avoid presentation media trouble because you can check it before the presentation.
  2. MASTERED MATERIAL. As a presenter, it’s a must to mastering the presentation material before presentation event. Nervous happened to more than 50% presenters because they don’t mastering the presentation contents. There was only one way to do it, and that was presentation practice. With rehearsing, our presentation content memories became stronger and stronger.
  3. BROKE YOUR HEART BEAT RHYTHM. For many years I’ve been steep into training sphere. Often I saw trainer jumping, running, yelling and many strange activities before they go to the stage.  This activities done with a reason, a scientific one. Nervous was affected by human heartbeat. If you’re nervous, your heart beating faster than normally. So if you want to defeat nervous, does the activities that could broke this rhythm.
  4. START WITH ICE BREAKING. If you feel nervous, don’t go straight to the presentation material. Start your presentation with ice breaking, jokes, or you can asking the audiences to move together with fun. But don’t forget to rehearse your opening session. Because our next presentation session will drop if we give the audiences wrong order or the jokes wasn’t funny enough to them.

That’s it. Four tips to defeat presentation nervous. So, no need to panic, your nervous problem was solved.

Be Amazing.

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