Macro Images for Your Slide

There are many images that we could put on slides, but to make sure that our messages received well by audiences, we must pick one of the right images. As we know that an image has a thousand perception, if we randomize our slide image, our message will fly away from the audiences, because there is no connection between the message and an image. The right image on the right slide, that’s how we design our slides.

The question is, how we could choose the right images? Actually there are lot of ways to choose one. But in my opinion, there is one way that optimize your slides with a great images, by using macro images for your slide.

What is macro images? Macro image is an image that zooming the object with few times bigger. So the object has more focus, more high definition and clear enough. Although the size of image was huge, it still warm to see with. And that’s why, i recommend the macro images for your optimum presentation slides.

Choosing the macro images, make sure that your images are relating with your message. This an example:

Translate: If not paying attention to the small thing, don’t hope getting the big thing.

The second thing, please sepparate your message and your image with a gap of blank space between them. Why? You know that macro images are a high definition one, i’m affraid that your images will domminate the slide, and the message become a minor object. So, make sure there is a space between your macro images and message, so the audiences could read it clearly.

This is the example:

Translate: “You can see yourself only in stil water”

So, i hope this presentation slide tips usefull enough for your presentation.

Go Amazing.

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