Lighting Technique

Sometimes I want to focus on an object inside Powerpoint slide, and make another objects undominant. There are many techniques you could do. One of them is using Photoshop to crop and resize the object. I wonder if I could do that in Powerpoint. One step on a time I try to make a difference on focusing an object. And the result is a lighting technique.

Lighting technique in a Powerpoint is combining three features, the first is image colors, the second shapes gradation, and the third is cropping the image. Powerpoint is already has this features. So we don’t have to use Photosho or another plugin or software.

This an example a stage image that we could find it with Bing or Google.


Using the stage dark nuance and trough three steps of lighting technique, we can design an amazing slide presentation like this:

Slide presentation design with lighting effect and technique, not only could used on a vertical images, such as wall or a board. This technique can be used on a horizontal image, like table or a road. This an example a table surface without lighting effect.


For an optimum slide presentation design with lighting technique, we must pay attention to light source angle, the light visual on surface and the shadow that effected. And this the example of after lighting effect slide’s :

I hope this slide design tips and example gave you an inspiration to design your media.
See u soon.


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