Hello from Indonesia!

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Let me introduce you with Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago country. It comprising more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia encompasses 34 provinces with over 238 million people in 2012. Indonesia has about 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural identities developed over centuries, and influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources. With all of those, Indonesia is a rich countries. Natural resources, traditions, cultures, languages, is a tiny pick of the treasure of Indonesia.

One of purpose of this website is to introduce Indonesia culture to the world, with a different approach, yes that approach is presentation. We want to connect the Indonesian culture with the depth meaning of presentation, so it will be easier to understand. We hope this web help you a lot, for your presentation, also for your knowledge about Indonesia.

My name is Dhony Firmansyah, slide presentation expert, speaker, trainer and author. Welcome to this site. Hope to see you soon.

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Dhony Firmansyah

The Beauty of Indonesia


Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia


Bromo Mountain, East Java, Indonesia


Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia

Bali, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia