Amazing Slide Presentation

Amazing Slide Presentation 2016 (revised edition) book is a perfecting a book with the same title in 2013. Coming up with new covers, the latest testimonials, updated content and a variety of more fresh slide examples, makes this book worth having as a complement reference your presentation.

The 2016 Amazing Slide Presentation (revised edition) reveals the secrets of the slide design of world-class presenters that are discussed with straightforward grammar with alluring. You are guided by a full color page  and clarify the meaning of the discussion in each paragraph.

The 2016 Amazing Slide Presentation (revised edition) has become a trusted reference source in every Amazing Slide Presentation training by thousands of people. The Amazing Slide Presentation book is written by Slide Dhony Firmansyah, who has undoubtedly the capability and quality of delivering presentation and infographic presentation design training at companies and BUMN, which the author has studied slide design science for over a year in Japan.

You can have the books with this amazing science only Rp. 55.000, – only. A fantastic deal considering you can upgrade your presentation visualization capabilities with this book.


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