Amazing Slide MiniMax

 What is Amazing Slide miniMAX? Amazing Slide miniMAX is an advanced book of Amazing Slide Presentation (Mediakita, 2013). Amazing Slide MiniMAX book contains a new slide design approach that combines the concept of Minimalism from the western world (West layout: europe and America) as well as Zen spatial concept from the eastern world (East layout: China and Japan) to produce MAXIMAL visualization. 

References used Slide Expert Dhony Firmansyah, not apart from the approach of east and west design. Exclusively from Japan, the presentation slide design is inspired by the Zen spatial concept, studied directly by the author for a year in Japan, from World Design and Communication Specialist Garr Reynolds in Nara and Kyoto. Garr Reynolds is the author of the best-selling book of the Presentation Zen world and professor at Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka. 

MiniMAX is also summarized from various community presentations followed by writers in Kyoto and Nagoya. So the spring of science is really taken from the source. Amazing Slide miniMAX features a minimalist slide design with MACSMALIS impact. In this book the author shares the science of different slide designs, fun for you to read, enjoy and practice. Coupled with concrete examples of slide designs from world speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Duarte and Steve Jobs. 

 Amazing Slide MiniMAX book presents the concept of a world class presentation presentation slide that is more practical, simple, hit and you can make in a short time. Yes, there is even a warranty, you can apply the design MiniMAX slide in less than 2 minutes. How to? Please refer to the book that has received appreciation from tens of corporate and thousands of trainees at home and abroad.