Amazing Slide Infographic

Book summary:

Rapid information is needed in the current data age. Infographics have become a fundamental requirement of data communications through visual display, whether it be for business proposals, socialization of government regulations, monthly corporate reports to business presentations and education. Therefore studying the basics of infographics becomes a definite need.

The book in front of you is the third series of Amazing Slide books, after Amazing Slide Presentation (2013) and Amazing Slide MiniMAX (2015). This Amazing Slide Infographic book contains the results of my study and experience in delivering presentation presentation data sessions at hundreds of companies, state-owned companies and my post-study governments in Japan for a year about design and presentation slides. In Indonesia, I rarely find national references to infographics, so this book is the rare reading you deserve.

Amazing Slide Infographic contains three magic words that will guide you. The first magic words are simple. In this section you will be invited to simplify the data, either sentence to graphical display or diagram. The guide is simple, easy to digest and easy to practice. The second magic word is harmony. In this section, we will study together the secrets of the world’s designers to create an eyecatching infographic slide. You will easily find infographic color patterns to set your title, subtitles and infographic content more optimally. Again I guarantee the contents are easy to understand and practice. And the last one is unique. In this section you will be invited to explore your imagination to create infographics with diverse forms. The unique shape in the infographic makes visualizing your data easy to digest and remember. How, just look at the “Unique” Chapter.

To be sure, every chapter in this book is related. So make sure you read it thoroughly. Oya …, this book also comes with steps on how to make your data capable of storytelling and concrete data animation tips, so your audience enthusiastically follows your presentation. And …, in the pages of this book, you not only find the theory, but complete with before-after optimization of infographic presentation slides. Concrete.



This book will answer your questions about:

1- Technique of presenting data.

2- Effective way of data visualization such as charts, graphs, and pie charts in document or presentation slides.

3- Infographical components and techniques make it.

4- Technique of storytelling with data.

5- Online and offline references infographics.