Becak, Inspiring You

Becak is a traditional transportation from Indonesia. In China it called pedicab or rickshaw. Both of them used by human powers. But the difference is becak’s driver controlled behind the passengers, but the pedicab’s driver controlled from the front of it. Becak moved by pedals, pedicab moved by running.

So why I called becak could inspire our presentations? Because there were some philosophies of becak that really suitable with the presentation.What are they? Here three of them:

  1. With passengers in front of the driver, they could enjoyed their surrounding scenery. The roads, the crowds, or the buildings. Without being distracted by the drive’s body or sweats. If you a presenter, you’re the driver. Your priority was the audiences. Make sure that they could enjoy your presentation clearly.
  2. The second, becak’s driver seat is not soft as the passenger seat. The passenger also protected from the sun heat and perhaps the rain also. There are a kind of umbrella on the top of becak’s passenger. But not there for the drivers. This would make the passenger got a comfortable feelings. If you a presenter, follow this inspiration.  Prepare your presentation wisely. Make your audiences feel comfortable with your content, slides and presentation’s delivery.
  3. The third is, you know that in Indonesia, becak wasn’t only a traditional transportation, but also some of them was the becak of tourism. This tourism becak was designed more beautiful than the ordinary one. It’s more expensive, comfort and more satisfaction service from the driver. If you a presenter, remember this, just like the tourism becak, if you want to to get more expensive in your each training, seminar and so on, give your audiences the beauty of your slides, an attractive performance and comfortable feeling. To do all of this, your only way is a presentation training. Not for anybody else, but you.

Ok, that’s all a few tips from me about becak inspiration for your presentation.

Keep Practicing to be a #PresentationExpert.


Becak, from Indonesia

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