Be Your Self

Do you know UNESCO? This United Nation branch institution had officially declare that Indonesia’s batik was the cultural heritage of the world. Batik well known as Indonesia’s original culture. Batik is an ancient art to colouring cloths using wax and special colour ingredients. There are more than 500 batik’s themes widely spread from Aceh to Papua. Each province’s has a different themes and special ornaments.

As an example, Yogyakarta is a province with various batik’s theme. The most famous theme is parang’s theme. A long time ago, batik parang was used only by members of Yogyakarta’s royal family. The circle shape describe the greatness, the power and authority of the king. Parang was Yogya’s pride. Another province has the same pride with another batik’s theme. The Jambi province in Sumatera, has a different shape of batik. The influence of Malay tradition and culture nakedly seeing in the texture of batik. The bright colours, a symmetrical flower drawing, is the special identity of Jambi’s batik. Warm feeling and happiness showed boldly. Every province has a different shapes, texture and pride. And that’s beautiful.

So, what’s the point about batik and presentation? You know that batik’s theme and it’s origin province, can’t be separated. People won’t believe if Papua’s claimed that batik parang is their original theme of batik. Because Papua’s batik already different with Yogyakarta’s. If it sold, the price was lower than Papua’s original ones. Batik differentiation in every province is something naturally. And this make batik in every region is worth. Although the origin of batik in Indonesia was came from the same area, Toraja, but the differentiation of batik in Indonesia gives this country rich with amazing tradition.

This differentiation is equal with presentation. I’m sure that if we want to increase pour presentation skills, each one of us must have an expert teacher. An old proverb said that “The fall fruits will not far from it’s tree.” The human personality wouldn’t far away from the neighborhood that they lives, the family that they growth, and experiences that they did. Presentation does the same way. How you speaks, will’t far from a presentation teacher that you follow. In fact, there are to many presenter’s that do the same thing, same style and same content with their presentation teacher.

For me, it’s wonderful if you have a different shapes, theme or presentation delivery with the others. Specially with your presentation teacher. Same thing that batik showed to us with its original shapes and provinces. Why I have to be different?

The first, audiences would compared your presentation with your teacher. Moreover your teacher are well known presenter. Audiences will assumed that you did a plagiarism. Audiences would seeing you with a negative ways.

The seconds, if the audiences had already compare your presentation with someone else because a lack of differentiations, your value will decrease rapidly. What value? Maybe its trusting value, entertaining value, enthusiastic value and so on. Until the decrease of your contract values. Absolutely this is very detrimental for a presenter.

In my opinion, we must imitate the batik principles that has its own shapes, theme and texture in every province. Even though every batik is different, is still elegant to wear with. As well as presentation. Having a presentation expert teacher is a must. But don’t imitate your teacher from A to Z. Take the positives, throw away the negatives, and use your own presentation style.

I’m sure that you didn’t feel comfortable if you wear another person’s cloth. I also sure that you’re not comfortable enough if you wear another person style of presentation.

So, be Your Self.

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