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Presentation is a best moment for us to share an idea. Persuade the audience that what we said was true. To make sure that our purpose reached, we must optimized the content, media (slides) and delivery techniques.

Slide presentation design is the important thing in media. Optimizing slide presentation design is make your presentation become different. Slide presentation design is also the best visual approach to persuade the audiences.

Yes, slide presentation design is for the audiences, not for us (presenters). Slide presentation design help the presenter to deliver a message visually. It’s not necessary for us to copy and paste the whole article to a slide presentation. Because the slide will full of text and harder to read.

Neither the full text, in this article I will share about the athor thing that we must avoid placing it into a slide presentation. What are those things? Here’s the explanation:

  1. Avoid to placing a table with more than five columns and rows. You know that reading table on slides is a hard thing to do. Moreover if the table has more than five columns and rows. I think using graph is better than a table, especially to view datas.
  2. Graph with x and y variables more than 10.  Even though graphic is easier to read than a table, if the graph to crowded enough, the same thing would happen to the audiences. So avoid it.
  3. A flowchart that cut into some slides. Perhaps a flowchart is a very important thing that placed in the slide to explain a process. But if there the flowchart was to long, and then cut into some part, explanation about the process was not good enough to deliver.
  4. Organizational or a company structure. Until now, I don’t understand why this variable was put into the slides. In fact I’m very sure that if the structure was showed in a presentation, audiences wouldn’t try to memorize this. I think this wasn’t an important thing in slides.
  5. Standard Operational Procedure (SOP). SOP must worked step by step by numbers. If a long SOP viewed on your slide, I’m sure that audiences will busy to read your slides, not to listen your presentation.

Ok, but what if one or all those things must put into slides? In my opinion, the more data, the more variables, the more numbers, the more text will distract your smooth presentation. Better if you put all of those thing to your presentation module and share it to the audiences. You can asking the audiences to open the page that you’re present. With this method, audience will follow your way to see a data, numbers and so on.

And the most important things, they can see your data clearly.

Be a presentation expert.

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