Art to Start Presentation

If you often going trip out of town, you will always passing one to another border of territory.   In Indonesia, the border usually signed by a traditional gate called “gapura”. This gate was a traditional construction across over the street. If you’ll entering an area, or district or a province, it’s often written with “Welcome to… ” or “Selamat Datang di..” (in Bahasa Indonesia). Similarly if you leaving, it’ll written with “Selamat Jalan…” or “Goodbye” (in Bahasa Indonesia).

“Gapura” not only limiting an area or district, the road name, even an alley in Indonesia using a gate to be an unique sign. The gate is like an identity to this country. Usually “Gapura” showed a tradition, with a logo, pictures, textures, from a district. Moreover if the area was the center of craft, food, or famous tradition. So, the gate is an art to show what the area looks like.

For me, the gate is an art to start the trip. Gate was the sign to show where we are or where we go. The existence of gate gave me an inspiration how to start a presentation.

Just like the “gapura”, you need the sign to start a presentation. With the sign, you could be closer to the audiences. And they could know you earlier. With knowing each other, the frozen barrier between you and the audiences could little bit melting at the beginning of presentation. How we can give a sign? You could use a profile video, or a music and take the audiences moving together, or giving your profile presentation slides.

“Gapura” give the clues where we are right now. And then this gate could showed the treasure of the area that we’ll entering with it’s beauty. This help you a lot to know that area well. “Gapura” give the clear theme for an area. This could be an additional reason to you for visiting that area today or someday. Yes, you have been adding a place of reference with the famous cultures.

Same meaning with a presentation. At the beginning, give the audiences a clear theme for you presentation. And also bring a strong reason so the audiences would stay and listening for your presentation. Your presentation is a treasure that’s precious for them. The clear theme and a powerful reason would make you easier to control the audiences, and optimizing a communication process.

This is an art to start a presentation. I wish is useful enough for you and your presentation.

Good luck. @DhonyFirmansyah.


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