6 Secrets to Stick (1)

Do you remember the story of Kancil & Cucumber? Or do you remember the Beginning of Tangkuban Perahu’s Mountain? Remember when you heard story of Red and White Onion? Perhaps you already forgot when your mother, grandma, teachers, or your friends told about it. But if you have already heard, I’m sure that you still remember all of those stories until now.

So, what is the connection between stories and presentation? I’m sure you’ve asked for it. If you’re presenter are the man who stand out in front of crowds, and start give them an important messages, don’t you want that audiences always remember all of your presentation contents? Your messages are stick in their memories, and also give them motivation to speak with else about your presentation contents. Off course we all want to. So, with this article, please let me share to you all “6 Secrets to Stick Your Presentation”. This tips was inspired from Garr Reynolds articles in Peachpit (Pearson) website. Hope its useful:

  1. Simplicity. Before deliver your presentation, please specify your messages. As an example, if you have followed Jamil Azzaini’s training in Indonesia about Glorious Success, you will conclude that the key of Glorious Success Life Are: Be an Expert; Optimize assets, and Spread Positives Energy. That was Jamil’s presentations key. In my “Amazing Slide Presentation” Seminar, you will understand that the key of Amazing Slide design are: Simplicity and Optimized. So, start yout presentation with the specify messages, because this is the most important think so stick your presentation contents.
  2. Stunning. Everybody love surprises. Moreover, those surprises solve their problem. Give your presentation a plot that unpredictable. Dig the audience needs, and fill the holes with the outstanding fresh information. For example, in my Amazing Slide Presentation’s workshop, I always visualize the slides that usually made by presenters, than I compare it with the slides that has been optimized. With all workshop participants, we practice it. This make audiences get excited.
  3. Concrete. If you think that all of your presentation was important, it means none of them are important enough. After you accentuate your key massages, you only follow the presentation with the simple explanations. With simple words, and simple examples. You can see a great presenter like Steve Jobs deliver those concrete visualization. See it on Youtube, I’m sure you’ll get inspired.

This is the first part of “6 Secrets to Stick Your Presentation” articles. Read the second part next day.
Keep practicing and be #PresentationExpert.

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