6 Secrets to Stick (2)

In the last article I’ve been posted about the first part of “6 Secrets to Stick” and this is the second part.

How to make your presentation messages stick to the audiences? The 3 secrets from “Presentation Zen” author will described below:

4. Credibility. One of the Indonesia’s traditional craft is batik. You’ll always believe it. But if someone told you that batik is come from Costa Rica, I’m sure that you will refuse it. What is it means? Every nation has it own tradition and it’s special. I’m sure that you’re special to, if your presentation bloom your own identity. We shouldn’t duplicating another presenter’s style and made it like ours. In the other hand, you must controlling your presentation content. Make it yourself, and take the audiences to believe that you is more expert than other if presenting this content of presentation. Yes, your style and your expertise is your credibility.

5. Emotion. Bring your emotion through your presentation. If you present happiness, than make your face happy enough to seen by the audiences. Either if you told sadness, proudness, disappointed etc. Emotion is a powerful interest to make your audiences remembering the content of your presentation. But if your presentation was flat, it would be a boring thing to the audiences to keep staying on their seats.

6. Stories. Every one love a story. Me, you, and all of the people in this world. Stories was the easiest way to make your presentation running. If you hard enough to delivering your presentation content, try the new approach. Tell your audiences a story that representing your presentation content. I’m sure they will more delightful to heard, listen, and stay on their seat. Moreover if the stories was about you and have a connection with the audiences. Your presentation stories will be a part of life for the audiences.

Ok. That’s all 6 secrets to stick your presentation messages. Don’t forget to keep practicing your presentation.

Good luck.

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