4 Tips for Better Slides Layout

If we talk about slides, it’s a tools that complete yout presentation with visual ways. So, if we want to satisfy our audiences, optimizing slides layout is a must. I wrote this 4 tips for better slides layout, inspired by Jillian Kuhn, the Viget former manager project. Her tips about presentation is amazing. So here’s the tips:

1. If you want to get a better presentation, there should be fewer words on the slide than in your speech.

Why? You already know that paragraphs are great for essays, but not for slideshows. If you fill slides with huge amount of text, audiences will lost your trully messages. So you must avoid large blocks of text, and latter you should break sentences into smaller. This steps makes your slides more visually digestible pieces. Nice to watch. Also, never read from your slides, it’s annoying.

2. Minimize to using bullet points.

Some people think that bullet points are probably the best way to organize slides information. But many case proving that bullet point makes presenter talk to the slides, not to the audiences. If it possible, break down each points as possible onto slide one by one.

3. If facing a huge crowds, put important messages info in the top two-thirds of the slide.

It’s wise to leave the bottom third of your slides empty. Why? Ussualy the bottom third is hard to be seen, especially those in the back rows. You can use images to fill the bottom third or to list your contact info, date, or presentation name. Here the example:

4. Visual talks more.

A wise man said picture says 1,000 words. If you can makes your messages talk through images, you don’t have to use text. Image are easier to remember, and images could stand on its own.

This are 4 tips for better slides layout from Jillian Kuhn. Hopefully works great for your presentation.

Be Amazing!!

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