Professional Presentation Slide Expert| Slide Designer & Trainer | Director of CV Kreasi Presentasi | The author of the series “Amazing Slide” | Studying presentation & infographic slide design in Japan | Certified Infographic Design ST Electronic COMAT Singapore.

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Slide Design Training

Amazing Slide Presentation is the first and best professional presentation slide presentation pioneer in Indonesia. Proven with thousands of alumnus at home and abroad. Follow this revolutionary Powerpoint and Keynote slide design workshop.

Infographic Training

Understanding the data is no longer a difficult thing to do, Amazing Slide Infographic is the first infographic and data visualization training via Powerpoint and Keynote in Indonesia. This is the best and easiest infographic training for you to present data.

Videographic Training

Advance level from Amazing Slide Series, an animation training and video infographics with professional Powerpoint. Amazing Slide Videographic optimizes motion image, so as able to attract the public.

About Dhony Firmansyah

Kreasi Presentasi was founded by Dhony Firmansyah, known as the Indonesian Presentation Slide Expert. Studied the presentation and slide design more than 9 years, including 1 year studying in Nagoya, Kariya, Ikoma and Kyoto cities

Inhouse Training

In a Corporate, Kementrian, and BUMN

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Amazing Slide Series Book

Amazing Slide Series Book by Dhony Firmansyah

Amazing Slide Presentation

A book that reveals the basics and secrets of a world class presenter slide design. Discussed straightforward with alluring grammar. Guided by a full color page and clarifies the meaning of the discussion in each paragraph.

Amazing Slide MiniMax

Contains a slide design approach that combines the concept of Minimalism from the western world (West layout: europe and America) as well as Zen spatial concept from the eastern world (East layout: China and Japan) to produce visual presentation of MAXIMUM slide presentation.

Amazing Slide Infographic

The data visualization book has become a fundamental requirement of communication with visual appearance, both for business proposals, socialization of government regulations, monthly corporate reports to business presentations and education.

Amazing Slide Videographic

A videographic combine data visualization, story telling, and animation technic for harmony unity. Technic to made a videographic so easy and effective.